Canada’s poultry industry is controlled through a marketing board which enforces strict supply management. The only way for producers to increase their income is by being more efficient in their production. River West aims to help producers by improving feed efficiency and digestibility, stimulating intake, strengthening the immune system and modulating gut function.

River West’s 25+ years of association with plant extracts make us the go to company for information, trials, and supply of these increasingly popular and necessary products.

Flo-Aid is a highly absorbent moisture control agent that aids in the prevention of caking feed during storage which can result from mold growth and mycotoxin formation. Flo-Aid prevents the formation of hard feed chunks during storage which can have high mold levels that contaminate clean feed.

Mold-X is used in feeds with the potential for mold growth. Mold-X will stop any mold growth in farm made rations when there is mold in the grain. Mold-X will prevent any further mold growth in the feed and will lower the pH of the feed.

Pellet quality for poultry producers is critical. When there are too many fines in feed, the birds will not eat it. As a result, this feed is wasted and the producer’s profitability is reduced. Our unique pellet binder makes harder and more durable pellets to save money as more of the feed is eaten. River West offers Maxi-Bond, a die lubricant and pellet binder. This unique product will increase throughput, reduce die friction, increase die life, use less electrical power, make more durable and harder pellets. When Maxi-Bond is introduced to a new customer, we offer a complete audit of the pelleting process with a River West representative to offer advice to improve the finished product.